At Auna, we care and take care. We apply this not only to our employees and patients, but also to the communities in which we operate, contributing to their development and well-being while keeping in mind each country’s unique environmental, social and governance needs.

In 2023, we worked with over 80 stakeholders to develop a materiality analysis with respect to a list of the top ESG issues we face in each of the countries where we operate. We are in the process of developing an internal dashboard to monitor key indicators related to the ESG issues we identified, including those related to compliance, anti-bribery procedures, occupational health and safety, data privacy, diversity and inclusion, ESG evaluations of our suppliers, social impact, waste management, carbon footprint measurement and eco-efficiency.


We care and take care of our environment. As a healthcare company, we are aware of the effects that climate change can have on the health of our employees, patients, members and communities, and we acknowledge the crucial role that businesses play in the fight against climate change. Consequently, we are committed to managing our environmental impacts responsibly. Our sustainability strategy focuses on addressing our environmental governance, carbon footprint, waste management and eco-efficiency. In addition, in 2023, we approved an environmental policy and formed an environmental committee consisting of environmental teams in Mexico, Peru and Colombia led by our sustainability manager. Our initiatives include various strategies to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and water consumption, as well as innovative waste management.

Social and Governance

We care and take care of developing health and promoting well-being in our communities. We promote healthcare and prevention supported by scientific knowledge and medical research to help people live longer and healthier lives.

Auna is also committed to expanding quality access to healthcare in the countries in which we operate. In 2022, we were able to impact over 359,600 individuals through the various social projects we deployed, including by providing blood donations, mammograms, cleft lip and palate surgeries and healthcare education through campaigns, among others.

We are also committed to ensuring that all of our employees, patients, members and users are treated with the same degree of respect, empathy and compassion. To this end, we began our diversity initiative in 2022 by laying the groundwork with the approval of our diversity and inclusion policy and the formation of our diversity committee. We have continued our efforts since 2023 with different trainings and campaigns covering a wide range of topics such as diversity, inclusion and sexual harassment prevention, which have helped us bring our diversity and inclusion management to life at all levels of our organization.

Sustainability Report

Click here to download the Sustainability Report 2022.