We believe that demand for our services is driven by our ability to offer a wide array of healthcare services including the combination of top-notch facilities that meet our patients’ needs and a strong research and development backbone.

We manage our academic, scientific and clinical research efforts through Auna Ideas, our non-profit biomedical and innovation engine. Its capabilities include operating several accredited clinical research sites in Spanish Speaking Latin America, monitoring active trials within our healthcare networks, conducting applied research projects and producing peer-reviewed publications in industry respected biomedical journals.

Auna Ideas has been distinguished as Peru’s first Oncology Research Center by the CONCYTEC, the country’s leading public scientific research institution and is complemented by the premier research capabilities of our Auna Colombia oncology-focused hospitals: IDC physicians are regular contributors to some of the medical profession’s top journals, while Oncomedica has been the recipient of multiple research awards distinguishing it as one of the top cancer care institutions in Colombia.

Auna Ideas also serves as an online platform for continuous medical education throughout our markets. As of 2023, Auna collaborates with world class pharmaceutical companies in laparoscopic surgical training in simulation centers and it has been designed as an International Training Center for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation by the American Heart Association.