The AunaWay is our unique operating model and approach to effectively managing Auna’s businesses and operations; to creating high value for patients, families and our staff; and to achieving sustainable competitive advantages. The AunaWay is our corporate DNA, our organization’s spirit, values and deeper meaning, the one we revert to for clarity of action.

The AunaWay consists of six key pillars


Access: We are committed to amplifying access to a life-long ecosystem of health and well-being. We want to lead the improvement of access to healthcare by bringing affordability and immediacy to a large portion of the populations we serve.


Patient centricity: We strive to serve and prioritize the person, patient and their family. We ease patient engagement and support life journeys through health and disease, from prevention to early detection, to early treatment, to disease management and recovery.

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Excellent medical outcomes: We have established Auna as a leading provider of cancer management and seek to equal these capabilities in cardiology, neurology and emergency trauma in the countries we serve.


Integrated operational strategy: We aim to standardize and scale first-in-class medical protocols for increased predictability and better outcomes, to establish care ecosystems through our horizontal integration and to increase access to healthcare offerings through our vertical integration; this goal is supported by leveraging technology that enhances our traditional platform.


Deliberate growth: We focus on growing organically by optimizing assets and concentrating capacity usage towards higher complexity care. We implement our “Land, expand and integrate” strategy as we enter new markets through acquisitions, reaping the benefits of assets with a significant market share and bargaining power.


Culture: Everything we achieve depends on our people. Every person at Auna embodies our principles of caring for patients, families, members and staff; transforming healthcare in our region; being passionate about human-centeredness and excellence; and endeavoring to surprise patients and their families with superb and high-quality service.