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Vitalpass, the digital vaccination passport cocreated by Auna Ideas, was chosen by the Colombian government as the country's official passport

  • This certificate is secure, free and built on blockchain, a highly reliable technological process with the privacy of user data.
  • It will allow registering and certifying the vaccination of Colombians by connecting with other vaccination passports worldwide.

Vitalpass, the COVID-19 digital vaccination passport co-created by Fundación Auna Ideas and developed with blockchain technology, has been adopted by the government of Colombia as the official immunization certificate for its citizens. This is the first country in Latin America to adopt this technology, joining the cases of Singapore, Japan, South Korea and New York City.

This initiative has been possible thanks to Auna's commitment to vaccination in Colombia and Peru, through alliances with national and regional authorities, implementing various actions to promote immunization in both countries.

Vitalpass is a milestone that has been co-designed by the Innovation and HealthTech division of Auna Ideas as part of its commitment to caring for the lives of more families, providing them with comprehensive health solutions. This digital vaccination passport is free and built on blockchain, a highly reliable and transparent technological process, which allows the recording of information transactions, validating the veracity of the data by the different actors involved.

“The use of blockchain technology makes this digital passport one of the safest and most reliable tools to guarantee the transparent vaccination process in Colombia, since the information cannot be changed, deleted or manipulated, thus ensuring the validity of the certificate against cases of falsification, double vaccination, or others. " stated Dr. Andrés Vásquez, Director of Biomedical Innovation and Health-Tech at Auna Ideas.

Another advantage of using blockchain for vaccination passports such as Vitalpass is its connectivity and portability, since it has the highest international security standard and can connect with other vaccination passports globally. Thus, the Auna Ideas Foundation has signed the free assignment of the license to use in perpetuity with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, so that this portfolio implements the digital passport as the country's tool to certify vaccination against COVID -19 of its citizens before any national or international body. Similar agreements are expected to be signed with other Latin American governments.

Vitalpass is part of the Commontrust Network, which brings together multiple organizations worldwide that empower people with digital access to their health data using open, interoperable and verifiable standards. This platform is recognized by various institutions, such as IATA, and is in the evaluation period to be adopted as the digital vaccination document in the US. In addition, negotiations have been initiated to connect with the digital certification system of immunization against COVID-19 from the European Union called Greenpass.

With this initiative, Auna, through the Auna Ideas Foundation, continues to ratify its commitment to the fight against COVID-19, fostering innovation to continue transforming the health experience of more families and individuals in Latin America.

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