Our Company

We are a leading company which aims at bringing health and well-being to its members and patients. Since 2008 we seek constant innovation to provide medical care and health solutions, with high quality standards, accessible to everyone. Currently, we have 16 branches in 9 cities in Mexico, Colombia and Peru and a staff of more than 14,000 employees and qualified professionals to safeguard the most valuable thing we have as a society: people's lives.

We believe in the importance of always having the most cutting-edge health services; therefore, we seek excellence in all areas: training of our professionals, our medical and care team work, maintenance and expansion of our service infrastructure, and development of new health products and solutions.

At Auna we work every day to provide confidence, security and high-quality standards to people, which ensure the best experience in their health care, committed to the societies in which we operate.

Our Strategy

Auna is a company committed to transforming health care and promoting well-being, providing an accessible and quality experience to its members and patients in the countries in which it operates.

Focusing on people and putting their integral health in the most important place, we constantly seek innovation, as well as to offer medical care with the highest standards, always aligned with our purpose: "We take care of life so you can live it better - always".

Auna is prepared for the new challenges in health with a strategy that is based on protecting people's lives, ensuring the quality of processes, programs and medical safety, and promoting healthy lifestyles through prevention, research and education.

Our Values

At Auna, priority is to transform health care by bringing accessible and high quality healthcare to people in Latin America. To face this challenge, we have values —Excellence, Integrity, Empathy, Collaboration and Innovation— that guide, inspire and help us achieve a goal: to take care of people's lives at every moment and to give them confidence in the future.

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We provide the best quality and the highest standards in health care and well-being.

Integrity icon

We build trust by acting with integrity, honesty and ethics at all levels.

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We have a genuine and keen interest in understanding people's needs and emotions.

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We work as a team, integrating our employees, members and patients.

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We constantly renew and reinvent ourselves to offer the best services and experiences.

Our History

Auna was established in 2008 with the aim of being a leading company in the field of healthcare in Latin America. With a new approach to people-centered care, it is the result of the association of important organizations such as Oncosalud —leading institution with more than 30 years of experience in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer in Peru— and Enfoca Inversiones, generating a synergy that has positioned Auna as a benchmark in the transformation of health care experiences in the region.